April 11th, 2011
09:29 AM ET

Reader: Humans have good track record in the impossible realm

The debate about how we can end modern-day slavery is happening all across the web, including reader comments on The CNN Freedom Project blog, Twitter and the project's Facebook page.

Here's just one opinion from a reader on Facebook, Aya Reall Hansen, arguing why people are trying to end this.

"Yeah, it may be hard to win the battle, but heck, I'd say humans have a pretty good track record: good luck finding a "new world" – oh wait, thanks Columbus, you did the impossible; good luck sending someone to the moon – oh wait, thanks NASA, you did the impossible; good luck abolishing the Transatlantic Slave Trade – oh wait, thanks mankind, you did the impossible! Human Trafficking not only affects females, but also men, families, morals, ethics, morality, and religion! It appeals to the very soul of a person (for those who still have one), and if the only reason a person gets involved is so they can sleep well at night, I would say that at least they still have a conscience in tact, and from that starting point, their reasonings for putting an end to this nasty disease will be enlarged, their motivations deepen, and their understanding of the importance of freedom/agency solidified. To those who lack understanding, who choose to stand by and watch the innocent suffer – watch out, the barge of RESPONSIBILITY is coming through and cannot be stopped!"

What do you think?

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