October 5th, 2011
05:07 PM ET

Underage prostitutes rescued in Peru

Peruvian police have rescued 244 women, including 10 underage girls, who were being forced to work as prostitutes in a remote gold mining camp.

During one of the raids last weekend, authorities found a 13-year-old girl, according to Peruvian Security Assistant Secretary Luis Alberto Otarola.

“I personally witnessed the situation she was in,” he said. “They are all forced into cruel practices of sexual exploitation.”

Four men were arrested and face charges of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Trucks with contraband were also seized in the raid, officials said. FULL POST

October 5th, 2011
01:33 PM ET

Police: Raid frees 30 from alleged forced prostitution

For months, the CNN Freedom Project has followed the an extensive investigation into the transporting of Chinese workers into Spain. In a special series in July, CNN went behind-the-scenes of the struggle against human trafficking through the eyes of the local investigators.

By CNN's Al Goodman

MADRID - Police in Barcelona have arrested 39 members of a suspected Chinese mafia and freed 30 young Chinese women whom they allegedly forced into prostitution, a senior officer of the Catalan regional police told CNN Wednesday.

The arrests occurred earlier this week after a long investigation. It was the biggest strike to date against Chinese-run mafias involved in forced prostitution in the northeast region of Catalonia, whose capital is Barcelona, said the senior officer, Xavier Cortes, head of the Catalan police unit that fights human trafficking.

In recent years, the Chinese crime syndicate had crowded out others from the prostitution market in the fashionable Eixample district of Barcelona by using forced prostitution and charging below-market rates, Cortes said. FULL POST

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