June 21st, 2011
05:30 PM ET

Hospitals on the frontlines of catching the traffickers

The staff at a major hospital in Atlanta is getting lessons on how to recognize which patients are sex slaves. When the class was asked if they thought back and recognized the signs and behaviors in women they had treated, a roomful of hands went up.

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June 21st, 2011
01:38 PM ET

Kristof: 'We see these girls as criminals, rather than as victims'

One of the strongest voices calling attention to human trafficking has been that of New York Times columnist and author Nicholas Kristof. He talks to CNN anchor Jim Clancy about why the problem has gotten worse. FULL POST

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June 21st, 2011
10:54 AM ET

Community vigilance: 10 steps people can take to help combat human trafficking

By Siddharth Kara, Special to CNN

Editor’s Note: Trafficking expert Siddharth Kara is a Harvard fellow and author of the award-winning book, "Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery." For more than 15 years, he has traveled around the world to research modern-day slavery, interviewing thousands of former and current slaves. Kara also advises the United Nations and governments on anti-slavery research and policy.

Whenever I talk on human trafficking, I am almost always asked what people can do to help.

To be sure, the forces that promote human trafficking are immense -– from extreme poverty, to corruption, lawlessness, population displacement, gender and minority bias, economic globalization and others. In the face of such vast and complex forces, everyday citizens can feel powerless to make a real difference.

Nevertheless, there are vital steps that individuals can take to help bring an end to human trafficking and other forms of contemporary slavery.