June 20th, 2011
07:16 AM ET

Paper airplanes for freedom

Late last month, we asked iReporters to help us spread the word about the global problem of human slavery by creating paper airplanes, the symbol of CNN’s Freedom Project.

Though it may seem like a lighthearted assignment for such a serious subject, the planes offered the important opportunity to educate the world about slavery. Each plane included a hard-hitting statistic about the prevalence of slavery in today’s world and a personalized message of hope. After making – and flying – their planes, iReporters then passed them along to friends and family in hopes of spreading the word.

So far, iReporters in 26 different countries, from Nigeria to Sweden to Indonesia, have created airplanes and passed them along. Although the planes are a symbolic statement, they are proof that many of you care about abolishing slavery and are committed to educating others about its prevalence worldwide.

And while the response is impressive, we don’t want to stop there! CNN is taking an in-depth look at the Freedom Project all week and we want to continue spreading the word about slavery with the iReport community. We hope you’ll join the effort and create a paper airplane of your own. Together, we can make a difference.

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