How to help: Enslaved children
May 12th, 2011
04:07 PM ET

How to help: Enslaved children

Children tragically are being abused through every form of human trafficking.  They make up to 50% of the victims, according to UNICEF.  They are trafficked for sex, forced to beg, can be found working in factories around the world and are even abducted by armed rebel forces and taught to kill.

This week, we have uncovered the atrocities suffered by a seven-year old Bangladeshi boy who was mutilated and forced to beg, and those of Liberian child soldiers whose childhoods have been stolen.

While the case of the Bangladeshi boy may be extreme, it is probably safe to say his isn’t isolated.  Globally, children are kidnapped and forced to beg, and as can be expected, only the traffickers and gang leaders receive any of the profits.  And in the worst cases, these children are wounded either because they refuse to beg or simply because “pity pays.”

An organization working in Bangladesh to help these children is Save the Children Bangladesh.

In Liberia, former child soldiers are now in the process of recovering after the country’s fourteen year long civil war.  But what they endured cannot easily be forgotten.  Abducted from their homes by rebel forces, they were used as messengers, spies, sex slaves, or even handed guns and forced to kill.  Their childhoods were stolen.

Fortunately, UNICEF and World Hope International work to rehabilitate these children, not only in Liberia, but wherever the need might be.