May 11th, 2011
03:26 PM ET

Life after war

Kevin was a killer. Forced into being an 8-year-old soldier, he fought and murdered during Liberia's long civil war.

The conflict ended in 2003 and many of the estimated 16,000 children who took part in the fighting still are dealing with the emotional scars of what they saw and experienced. Kevin, who went through a program run by his former warlord (now a self-proclaimed evangelist), has to live with the rejection of his family and fend for survival on his own.

He lives in an apartment by himself. Some of the former soldiers went through a U.N.-sponsored disarmament program that included counseling.  Some ex-combatants say they couldn’t participate in the program because their guns were stolen.

That’s what happened to Kevin, but still years later he found a new path. Today he is a motorcycle taxi driver. He has some friends. He's not alone. He saves his money so he can go to night school. He hopes one day he can become a businessman.

Topics: Government • Life In Slavery