5 things to know about human trafficking
Human trafficking doesn't just happen in far-away places. It can happen anywhere in the world.
March 15th, 2011
05:05 PM ET

5 things to know about human trafficking

By Amanda Kloer, Special to CNN

Editor's Note: Amanda Kloer is an editor with Change.org, where she organizes and promotes campaigns to end human trafficking. She has created numerous reports, documentaries and training materials on human trafficking in the United States and around the world.

Human trafficking might not be something we think about on a daily basis, but this crime affects the communities where we live, the products which we buy and the people who we care about. Want to learn more? Here are the five most important things to know about human trafficking:

1. Human trafficking is slavery.
Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. It involves one person controlling another and exploiting him or her for work. Like historical slavery, human trafficking is a business that generates billions of dollars a year. But unlike historical slavery, human trafficking is not legal anywhere in the world. Instead of being held by law, victims are trapped physically, psychologically, financially or emotionally by their traffickers.

2. It's happening where you live.
Stories about human trafficking are often set in far-away places, like cities in Cambodia, small towns in Moldova, or rural parts of Brazil. But human trafficking happens in cities and towns all over the world, including in the United States. Enslaved farmworkers have been found harvesting tomatoes in Florida and picking strawberries in California. Young girls have been forced into prostitution in Toledo, Atlanta, Wichita, Los Angeles, and other cities and towns across America. Women have been enslaved as domestic workers in homes in Maryland and New York. And human trafficking victims have been found working in restaurants, hotels, nail salons, and shops in small towns and booming cities. Wherever you live, chances are some form of human trafficking has taken place there.

3. It's happening to people just like you.
Human trafficking doesn't discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, or religion. Anyone can be a victim. Most of the human trafficking victims in the world are female and under 18, but men and older adults can be trafficking victims too. While poverty, lack of education, and belonging to a marginalized group are all factors that increase risk of trafficking, victims of modern-day slavery have included children from middle-class families, women with college degrees, and people from dominant religious or ethnic groups.

4. Products you eat, wear, and use every day may have been made by human trafficking victims.
Human trafficking isn't just in your town - it's in your home, since human trafficking victims are forced to make many of the products we use everyday, according to ProductsofSlavery.org. If your kitchen is stocked with rice, chocolate, fresh produce, fish, or coffee, those edibles might have been harvested by trafficking victims. If you're wearing gold jewelry, athletic shoes, or cotton underwear, you might be wearing something made by slaves. And if your home contains a rug, a soccer ball, fresh flowers, a cell phone, or Christmas decorations, then slavery is quite possibly in your house. Human trafficking in the production of consumer goods is so widespread, most people in America have worn, touched, or consumed a product of slavery at some point.

5. We can stop human trafficking in our lifetime.
The good news is not only that we can end human trafficking around the world, we can end it within a generation. But to achieve that goal, everyone needs to work together. Already, activists around the world are launching and winning campaigns to hold governments and companies accountable for human trafficking, create better laws, and prevent trafficking in their communities. You can start a campaign on Change.org to fight trafficking in your community. You can also fight trafficking by buying from companies that have transparent and slave-free supply chains, volunteering for or donating to organizations fighting trafficking, and talking to your friends and family about the issue. Together, we can fight human trafficking … and win.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Amanda Kloer.

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  1. Kennedy j. Usman

    This is probably the greatest service to humanity and mankind (the CNN Freedom project), in my opinion, that will change the world. I am proud to be associated with it and wish you great success.

    March 16, 2011 at 8:45 am | Reply
    • joelle esther benyayer

      human tracking the question is how is like when some country protected dangerous people and the population is victim of question for me in some country in europa we receive people without sometimes any knowledge of the past in they country interpol is not everywhere also the FBI i call twice to said some dangerous people from holland are involds with cries now my family is in danger still in france no reaction of the police army mayors silence what to do when is happen do a nother country can track this human being dangerous yes when tey can commited attenat if not is responsabiltiy of the country receive them no ? joelle esther benyayer

      March 29, 2011 at 3:50 pm | Reply
      • Birdie

        Great post with lots of ipmornatt stuff.

        July 1, 2011 at 7:52 pm |
      • Renuka M Zellars

        Please help me. I was brought from India to Houston, Texas in 1988. I was a child slave in India and I was brought by her as a slave in America. The woman brought me to take care her two young children as I was still a child myself. This happened to me over 25 years ago. My biggest question is do I have a right to report what she did to me? To this day I still don't have my family and I have no clue who I come from. She still lives in Texas and is a criminal defense attorney. What should I do ?

        September 9, 2015 at 10:41 am |
      • suze

        it is a step in the right direction but from the person I met, who is extremely fearful so stays, I know it is an uphill battle that I pray one day will prove a successful battle!!! it is unfathonable what a person in the taxonomy of Primates can/will do to another vulnerable human being...I would love to volunteer to help make a positive difference in someone's life!!!

        August 30, 2018 at 6:27 pm |
    • concern_citizen

      My cousin who works at World Bank and brought my other cousin here to work for her and she get paid $100 a month and she works for the whole clan.
      Isn't that Modern Slavery and its a shame because WORLD BANK is trying to stop modern slavery somewhere but can't stop most of their employer who are doing the CRIME.

      April 5, 2011 at 10:43 am | Reply
      • Phil Cenedella

        Please report specifics to the NationalVictim of Human TraffickingHotline – run by Polaris Project – at 888.373.7888

        and also callthe US State Dept. – Division of Trafficking in Persons – run by Lou deBaca – phone: (202) 312-9639



        April 5, 2011 at 10:57 am |
      • jack

        shit real

        April 27, 2011 at 10:32 am |
      • Kate De Braose

        This story is no surprise to me because I was aware that girls and women were in a "house of ill repute" near the house of one of my mother's siblings. In fact, that entire part of the town was full of war-time crooks of every crime, who got away with it because all the younger men were being drafted into military for WWII.

        We can blame all of those war industries for that kind of destabilization of every nation in the world, especially here in the USA.

        So, if we don't keep our attentions on criminals all around us, we could all end up living next door to slave owners who
        keep the palms of politicians well covered with money delivered by organized crime.

        August 8, 2013 at 10:48 am |
      • Renuka M Zellars

        Please help me. I was brought from India to Houston, Texas in 1988. I was a child slave in India and I was brought by her as a slave in America. The woman brought me to take care her two young children as I was still a child myself. This happened to me over 25 years ago. My biggest question is do I have a right to report what she did to me? To this day I still don't have my family and I have no clue who I come from. She still lives in Texas and is a criminal defense attorney. What should I do ?

        September 9, 2015 at 10:41 am |
      • suze

        I agree...I would love their quest to end the Modern Day Slavery comes to fruition

        August 30, 2018 at 6:28 pm |
    • Silvance

      I agree with this article. Human trafficking has been ignored for far too long. Most americans are completely oblivious to its existence, and it can't be allowed to stay that way.

      April 7, 2011 at 8:28 am | Reply
      • Barfy Spewsalot

        I find it interesting that the countries Human Trafficers go to are Countries with ANTI PROSTITUTION Laws. Those who don't have LESS of a problem. Of course those are called "Gateway" countries. The "Victims" all are Poor families in mostly poor 3rd world countries. Go figure. Oh these countries also are countries where cops can be bought off by pimps. again GO FIGURE. Prohibition has Never & will never work. It failed with Drugs, & Alcohol & it has failed in prostitution. the ONLY REAL way to get rid of this is via Labor laws. Decriminalize the sex trade. if some kid knows they can bring home $5000 a week LET THEM. Stop forcing the poor into poverty.

        June 27, 2011 at 8:41 pm |
      • Renuka M Zellars

        My name is Tatiana and I am going to share a story about a woman named Renuka . She is my mother who brought me into this world. I am honored to share a story about a very powerful and brave woman who is willingly going to describe the horrific experiences that she has not only experienced but endured. I write this story because she has a powerful story that shows the human strength in overcoming tragedy, and it exposes a very real part of our globalized world that is very rarely talked about. Many of us are oblivious to the fact that people have experienced this sort of misfortune. I can also imagine that this is a hard story to tell because it makes my mother relive those moments. The listeners respond to the different parts of her journey by feeling horror, anger and shock but also an unexplainable joyfulness at the end.

        September 21, 2015 at 10:29 am |
    • Renuka M Zellars

      My name is Tatiana and I am going to share a story about a woman named Renuka . She is my mother who brought me into this world. I am honored to share a story about a very powerful and brave woman who is willingly going to describe the horrific experiences that she has not only experienced but endured. I write this story because she has a powerful story that shows the human strength in overcoming tragedy, and it exposes a very real part of our globalized world that is very rarely talked about. Many of us are oblivious to the fact that people have experienced this sort of misfortune. I can also imagine that this is a hard story to tell because it makes my mother relive those moments. The listeners respond to the different parts of her journey by feeling horror, anger and shock but also an unexplainable joyfulness at the end.

      September 21, 2015 at 10:28 am | Reply
      • suze

        I saw the man who is imprisoned in Modern Day male prostetution and it is trauatic for me to re-lice when picturing what I saw let alone lived it...Im truly sorry that its such a difficult task to accomplish but I tried to help!!!

        August 30, 2018 at 6:31 pm |
      • Marketing Consultant

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        December 23, 2018 at 7:17 pm |
    • Dennis Thorington

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      September 7, 2017 at 5:42 am | Reply
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  2. Odimegwu alexpaul

    Am so delighted to be among those who are witnessing this history making,i thank God for that and i say a big well-done work to all of you who are fighting for the freedom of humanity.just as said by one of your presenters during the advert on cnn where she said"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"truely,it is enough.
    If there is any way i a nigerian can be of help to stop this inhuman act,do not hesited to let me know.WELL-DONE CNN.

    March 16, 2011 at 10:59 am | Reply
    • Renuka M Zellars

      My name is Tatiana and I am going to share a story about a woman named Renuka . She is my mother who brought me into this world. I am honored to share a story about a very powerful and brave woman who is willingly going to describe the horrific experiences that she has not only experienced but endured. I write this story because she has a powerful story that shows the human strength in overcoming tragedy, and it exposes a very real part of our globalized world that is very rarely talked about. Many of us are oblivious to the fact that people have experienced this sort of misfortune. I can also imagine that this is a hard story to tell because it makes my mother relive those moments. The listeners respond to the different parts of her journey by feeling horror, anger and shock but also an unexplainable joyfulness at the end.

      September 21, 2015 at 10:28 am | Reply
  3. Skeptical Eyebrow

    Sorry, but I'm completely skeptical of these "sky is falling" stories about human trafficking.

    Why am I skeptical? Because every time anyone who isn't an biased activist actually examines the data, the data are found to be lacking.

    See the following article from The Washington Post: Human Trafficking Evokes Outrage, Little Evidence; U.S. Estimates Thousands of Victims, But Efforts to Find Them Fall Short.

    March 16, 2011 at 12:44 pm | Reply
    • Heather

      This is a much bigger problem then can be seen. It is underground organized crime. The reason data is lacking pertains to legal loopholes that have not been worked out yet:
      1) Sexually Trafficked Victims (mostly women) are arrested and deported as illegal immigrants and often still mistaken as prostitutes by local authorities. If authorities refer to an internationally sexually trafficked women a "prostitute" she psychologically clams up out of fear of authorities (which may be dangerous in her country of origin) and misinterpretation of her circumstance (she is accused of prostitution). If she will not cooperate with authorities in the prosecution of her trafficker, or is afraid to, she is deported. All of these circumstances skew statistics. Law enforcement needs better training to identify trafficked victims and victims need at least a month to receive medical treatment and legal counsel before deportation becomes imminent. Better results will be guaranteed if these two things are addressed.
      2) It is not entirely uncommon for construction companies to knowingly hire illegal immigrants (mostly Mexican men) to work for them and after two weeks call immigration to have them deported. The men are never paid. Construction companies, restaurants and other businesses have been reported doing so. Americans make a mockery out of our immigration law when they break it and use people in this way. When Americans are prosecuted for this behavior it will stop and statistics will change.
      3) American Men who hire "prostitutes" have no way of knowing if the prostitute has been trafficked or not. If she speaks no English, chances are she has been trafficked. And even if she does speak English she may have been traficked. But do these men care? A "John" would be the first to know if he's encountered a trafficked victim, but he clearly has no conscience over the matter. It's an ugly, disgusting reason more women aren't rescued and better statistics don't exist.
      These are only three examples, but there are many more that skew statistics. This is one of the hardest crimes to statistically verify. Also, keep in mind that another solution is murder. Women who are sexually trafficked are murdered and disposed of, and how do we track that?

      March 16, 2011 at 10:36 pm | Reply
      • leo

        Which only proves Skeptical Eyebrow's point and the article he cited: maybe possibly sometimes chances have been reported I seem to hear of. A lot of fluff. And donations+tax dollars spent.
        I'm sure there's something happens in India and Cambodia... Well I'll be happy if this project will be able to get to the bottom of it.

        March 17, 2011 at 5:52 am |
      • leo

        On another skeptical note: The only solution "slavery fighters" often have for the victims is to bring them back to their country of origin... which is the last thing the "victims" want.

        March 17, 2011 at 6:01 am |
      • ND

        I would support Heather's argument with another issue; perception of a situation can skew the evidence of whether or not a situation is a case of human trafficking or not. I know of a case within my own hometown where police would not view a girl as being subject to human trafficking, but found her to be a 'runaway'. She was between her grade 7 and grade 8 year in school, and a man had bought her clothing, purses etc, romancing her until he could get drugs into her. Then he brought her into the sex trade and profited off of her. This was a girl who was a straight A student, was only around 13 years old, lived in an affluent part of my city, and within 3 months was addicted to drugs and working in the sex trade. The police refused to see her as a victim, because without the lenses of 'human trafficking', she was just a runaway who should be better disciplined for her actions. I'm not using this as a blanket piece of evidence that can transcend all issues of human trafficking. I just want to bring up another problem, that it can sometimes be a matter of perception, and how we view situations. To an outsider, you could argue 'she's got a rebelliousness about her, she WANTED to go along with it'. But with a lenses of human trafficking over your eyes, you could give possibility to the idea that it wasn't voluntary. Maybe it could be! But you can't know until you entertain both possibilities. I think police need to be trained in identifying the possibility of human trafficking so we can better discern.

        March 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm |
      • John

        I am a former trafficking victim who has been raped for years of time in the states by several men. This is Exactly what they want. a vulnerable girl who can't speak any English and who are content being raped. I believe it starts with having sympathy and education with general public. Women need to become sympathetic with raped prostitutes or any one in the sex industry. Because face it, no woman in her sane mind would rather be forced or chemically controlled to be sexually exploited. and Second, Men need to be responsible for these women. If you can't financially take care of these women forever, Do not use their services. If you are not going to be responsible for some woman for her entire life, you are better off donating some money to her and leave her alone! Simple as that.

        August 13, 2011 at 7:01 am |
      • drrinadas

        1) with thanks to, Change.org 's Amenda Kloer's Special at TheCNNFreedomProject, about: '5-things to know about human trafficking', and to all who came forward to constructively interact, with common intent to expose and curb this cursed Human Trafficking continuing as the modern day slavery!

        2) Special thanks to Heather, for this very well, thoughtfully analysed critique.

        3) Indeed, all data and studies will always be skewed, we need to bear in mind. Core reason, we are globally dealing here with the intangible deviant human mind, so far, difficult to qualitatively guage.

        4) How serious are we, about the human right's pain, as a collective, in our society, is what really matters : and take a concerted calling towards bridging inequities, with efforts to curb or eradicate this cursed exploitative collective deviant-behaviour, sensiting ourselves, as a whole, so to our Public servants, elected Public representatives, Law enforcement and Law dispensing authorities.

        July 8, 2018 at 10:38 am |
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    • Jonesy

      Of course there won't be alot of proof and or evidence of Human Trafficking actualluy going on. It is hard to catch them doing and it is even harder to to get a victim to admit to what has been happening to them. The lack of proof odes not mean that it is not going or that it should not be talked about. You can have all the doubt you want it is going on and we need to help protect our daughters, mothers, cousins, friends and family and most of all the next generation to come. They need to know that it is not normal nor is it acceptable.

      April 11, 2011 at 7:04 am | Reply
      • Sol Cbd

        How long have you been an expert on this topic? I seriously appreciate individuals that do what you are doing. Do you study this topic everyday? I used your tips to my life and they delivered really well for me. My mind set will be changed because of you. I know the owner of this blog is really working too much.


        December 20, 2018 at 5:44 am |
    • Bill Rich

      If you don't see what others are doing is adequate, why don't you do it yourself to fix the problem ? May be you don't think slavery is a problem at all, and you are practicing it so that you want to down play the problem ? Or you think this is only a human disaster, and is none of your business ?

      April 19, 2011 at 11:38 am | Reply
    • Kate De Braose

      I hope you feel better now that you pretend that nothing is wrong because you have managed not to see it, or to believe it is happening.

      Remember the 3 monkeys? Hear no evil, see no evil, pretend mightily that there IS no Evil in you neighborhood or anywhere else.

      August 8, 2013 at 10:54 am | Reply
    • Christie

      "Enslave the liberty of but one human being and the liberties of the world are put in peril." -William Garrison.
      Here are a few sites for your research: Love 146, Redeemed Ministries, Polaris Project, Not for sale, etc.. these will lead you to others. Please do not insult the victims that are caught in this very dark, and very real, life by asking for "proof" to satisfy your skepticism. Do you need proof that there are drug dealers in this country? Human Trafficking is the second largest crime behind drug trafficking. However, with an estimated annual profit of over 30 billion dollars, I don't see it coming in second much longer. Please do your research and, along the way, maybe you can figure out where you can plug yourself in to help.
      "You can choose to do nothing, but you can never again say that you did not know" -William Wilberforce

      October 16, 2013 at 4:42 pm | Reply
      • Pet Cbd

        I must say, I really love what you've done to your website. Call me up when you are able to! This website was, how would one say it? Awesome! I am really hoping you write more very as soon as you can. My Uncle turned me onto your blogs. I really appreciate your work and I'll be waiting for your further blogs.


        December 17, 2018 at 10:45 am |
    • Sinethemba


      July 1, 2014 at 7:14 pm | Reply
  4. Skeptical Eyebrow

    Oops, the URL link seems to have been stripped from my previous comment.

    Here is the link to the Washington Post article mentioned above:


    March 16, 2011 at 12:46 pm | Reply
    • Jeannine

      The article is from 4 years ago. Things have changed and progressed since that time.

      March 16, 2011 at 5:44 pm | Reply
      • Skeptical Eyebrow

        "Things have changed and progressed since that time."

        Really? People like have been making numerous assertions about human trafficking since at least 1999 - more than 11 years ago.

        One woudl think that more than a decade is plenty of time for researchers to come up with solid, hard evidence to back up the assertions.

        So four years later on - and more than a decade after people starting raising alarms - where is the evidence? Please cite it, if you have it. Preferably from unbiased, non-agenda-based researchers.

        March 16, 2011 at 6:11 pm |
      • Bill Rich

        I am sure things have progressed. There are way more victims now.

        April 19, 2011 at 11:39 am |
  5. Obalum Kingsley

    I am impressed by CNN for their service to humanity.It really show that people still care to l
    iberate mankind *kudos*I plead you extend it to other thirdworld countries like Africa and diaspora.
    Well done.

    March 16, 2011 at 6:05 pm | Reply
    • NK

      Countries like Africa? Really? Please where is this COUNTRY called Africa? Before you pretend to care about a place, please at least learn SOMETHING about it. So tired of "well-meaning" people that want to help the"Country" Africa.

      March 25, 2011 at 5:40 am | Reply
      • goofygooberin08

        Thank you for that. I'm sick of the "country" Africa crap too. I once heard someone say that the zebra is the national animal of Africa. On the note of trafficking, it seems to me that all the skeptics of this issue are interested in is sweeping it under the rug by denying it... like many world governments and corporations try to do. The fact that you refuse to believe something to assuage your own guilt over ignoring it doesn't make it unreal.

        April 5, 2011 at 11:33 pm |
      • Kate De Braose

        Yes, we all know that Africa is a rather HUGE Continent. Is that the only message you get from this article?

        August 8, 2013 at 10:57 am |
  6. Daniel

    @Skeptical eyebrow, so what is your point exactly?

    March 17, 2011 at 1:00 am | Reply
    • Denise

      Other than stirring the pot and projecting negativity toward those who are trying to do something good, I'm thinking s/he doesn't have one.

      The only way something heinous is brought to an end is by taking a stand against it. It doesn't happen over night, and it doesn't happen in "x number" of days/weeks/years, but gradually, change is forced to come. One thing life's taught me is that turning a blind eye and taking a defeatist attitude never did solve a problem.

      March 17, 2011 at 5:28 pm | Reply
    • elcid hewitt

      everyone knows that the elephant is the national animal of the country of africa

      August 11, 2013 at 6:21 am | Reply
  7. Etire, Oscar

    I commend the fight against Human Trafficking. And I wish to join as well. We are victims to the ugly menace. But I believe, if the awareness is broadened, it will in a long way, help who the fight. My name is Oscar Etire in Nigeria.

    March 17, 2011 at 6:22 am | Reply
  8. cs22

    I am happy somebody who can make a difference is doing something about human trafficing. What I suggest is , do a reality check in the middle east and see how asian maids are mistreat and not paid in most of the home. with no legal rights in these countires, we as civilized society must try to help, and uncover the dark secrets in the M.E. behind all the glitter.

    March 17, 2011 at 9:00 am | Reply
  9. anonymus

    @ Skeptical:

    I don't think we need precise data and statistical information to confirm that Human Trafficking exists and its taking place in different parts of the world. Anyone should simply realize about that by recognizing the huge amount of poverty and non-educated people that exists throughout the globe. Its usually (but not only) this people who suffers with this kind of slavery. Maybe if we stop thinking as americans and realize that there are lots of third world countries, we would change our minds.

    Notwithstanding, even if there's not as much Human Trafficking as it is stated by "biased" agents, ¿does the Freedom Project causes any kind of harm?

    March 17, 2011 at 10:08 am | Reply
  10. HRF

    Human trafficking is a global issues thousand of young girls and boys are sold into modern-day slavery watch this documentary, it provides a compelling look into this dark, inhuman, and exploitative world and shows how each one of us can help to prevent modern-day slavery.
    I would like to suggest a documentary by MTV Exit's "SOLD" It features Pramila, an 18 year old girl who was trafficked from Nepal to a brothel in Pune ; Afsana, a 16 year old who was trafficked from her village in Bangladesh into forced domestic servitude in Kolkata; and Zakir who was just 11 when he was trafficked by his aunt into a zari factory. Their stories are told alongside those of other people from the trafficking chain including a middleman who preyed on young women in Mumbai before selling them brothels, a zari factory owner who has witnessed trafficking and exploitation and an inspirational trafficking survivors, Sarita who works as a border guard looking out for potential victims and traffickers.

    you can watch it on Culture Unplugged

    March 17, 2011 at 10:43 am | Reply
    • bean bag

      You ever have issues with website visitors reposting your articles without asking you first? Where did you learn so much about this stuff? But clearly the battle is so big that no one business can be expected to take it on alone. When I read this blog I can feel myself becoming more intelligent. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for the next article. You remind me of my boyfriend back in Kansas.


      December 28, 2018 at 9:38 am | Reply
  11. Masaaba.

    Human trafficking is not only affecting the underprevilaged or marginalised. It is affecting professionals from developing countries especially if their skin colour does not suit the host country. They are being lured to leave their countries for greener pastures but are targeted by money making organisations who sell them to the best bidder. The bidder then pays the recruiting organisation and the organisation earns profit from the poor professional under workplace place contract which pays according to who the culprit is and not what he can do. While in these so called rich and developed countries, they are subject to difficult working conditions and denied any chances of getting residence permits. They are given conditional temporary working visas and threatened of deportation if they do not perform to their expectations. They are denied every social service or public health service. They have to fend for themselves and their families by buying private health insurance and in long run, the money earned is spent on food and basic amenities. They are forced to work in difficult areas for very little pay and high taxes. They are ashamed to tell anybody including their colleagues or complain because of the repurcussions. They cannot leave because the have saved nothing and are living from hand to mouth. Eventually after many years of misery they are deported anyway with nothing to take back to their miserable countries of origin. This is my personal experience.

    March 18, 2011 at 9:03 am | Reply
  12. Herman Morris Anaheim, CA

    Drugs are are synonamus with prostitution. They get into drugs and to get money to support the habit the use their bodies, steal ect. They are arrested and mixed with other contacts for drugs, gays, lesbians, prostitutes. cartels have their contacts in jails and to provide drugs and recruit pros and entice girls into prositution and using drugs by offering money for their services to get them under their control.

    March 18, 2011 at 11:10 am | Reply
    • Kate De Braose

      It's the other way around, actually. People who are trafficked are deliberately hooked on drugs by their "owners."

      None of us would need to look very far in order to find a "house" like that of America's most recent and shocking news about the criminal who kidnapped and enslaved 3 teenaged girls for a period of many years. And wouldn't you know that plenty of people have tried to make the same kinds of excuses for his behavior too?

      August 8, 2013 at 11:06 am | Reply
  13. biank

    Im glad this org. Is taking a stand. Im all for it. Human trafficking is happening right underneath our nose. Here in usa are many xploted illegals that are put to work for long hours at a minimum wage. Some work 7 days a week 12 hours a day. Planty of restaraunts do it, or there picking vegateabels,fruits under harsh conditions for long hours and getting pay how much they pick. many of tjem cant say im not doing his no more. Why because the coyote who cross them over has put them working there so he could collect what they earn. Is harsh. Lest stop the hate. Were all humans and we were created equal.

    March 19, 2011 at 4:06 am | Reply
  14. Karen

    I recommend reading "Half the Sky." This book gives plenty of eyewitness information. Skeptimism about about this topic is avoidance. What is tragic is that very young girls are often the victims.

    March 19, 2011 at 12:44 pm | Reply
  15. Micheal


    March 20, 2011 at 6:15 am | Reply
  16. Colleen C.

    Why are we not hearing about forced labor in China? Up to 40% of the labor force in China is forced labor. Doesn't that qualify as slavery?

    March 20, 2011 at 10:35 pm | Reply
    • KenX

      Because China owns us by our debt to them.

      April 5, 2011 at 1:37 pm | Reply
    • Bill Rich

      But these Chinese labors are willing slaves. They love to do what they do and get treatment they received from their slave masters. If you don't believe this, just ask the spokes female gorilla of the Chinese foreign ministry. The Chinese government, or at least the government officials, is in total control of the country, and certainly in factories and mines. Most government officials are either the owner of these business or runs these business. And, as government officials, they are bound by Chinese law, and they enforce these laws themselves, to do everything according to Chinese laws. And that's the greatest rationale for feeling everything is all right in China. But, anyway, we certainly do not want to interfere with internal matters of China, risking hurting the fragile, easily hurt, feeling of the Chinese people, er.. slaves.

      April 19, 2011 at 11:54 am | Reply
      • Mrs.Joy Franklin

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        I wait your response for more details.

        Thanks and Remain Blessed,
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        Mrs.Joy Franklin

        February 1, 2017 at 9:12 am |
  17. Taxpayer

    I do not like the idea of people getting the wrong information and believing lies, no matter what the topic is. The Sex trafficking, slavery issue is one of the biggest lies being told today. It is amazing to me how people will believe such lies so easily. The media is to blame for this. I wonder why they feel such a need to report wrong stats, numbers and information about this topic without doing proper research.

    While this may happen in very rare limited situations, the media will say that millions of people are sex slaves without doing any real research on the topic. Only taking the word of special interest anti-prostitution groups which need to generate money in the form of huge government grants from taxpayers, and charities. These "non profit" group's employees make huge salaries, therefore they need to lobby the government, and inflate and invent victims in order to get more money into their organizations. If you look into how many real kidnapped forced against their will sex slaves there are, and not just take the anti-prostitution groups word for it. You will be very surprised.

    Where are all the forced sex slaves? I would like to meet the millions of sex slaves and see for myself if they were in fact kidnapped, and forced against their will.

    These anti-prostitution groups lobby the government in a big way, getting Politicians to truly believe their lies.

    This is an attempt to over inflate an issue in order to get more government money to these organizations. As a tax payer, voter, and resident I don’t want the government to mislead me.

    I would like to see a news organization do a full report on the lies, myths and exaggerated numbers being told about sex trafficking slaves. But they won't do it because they are all sacred of the anti-prostitution groups, so the media continues to tell lies and only report what the anti-prostitution groups and politicians tell them to. The articles about the super bowl and sport sex slaves, has been proved wrong many times, but news organizations still report about it, as if it were fact.

    Below are the few brave souls that told the truth in the media:
    Sex Trafficking in Sports Events links:

    Dallas TV News show about super bowl sex slave myth:


    Dallas Newspaper article:



    March 21, 2011 at 4:31 am | Reply
  18. Taxpayer


    In October, 2009 – The biggest ever investigation of sex trafficking failed to find a single person who had forced anybody into prostitution in spite of hundreds of raids on sex workers in a six-month campaign by government departments, specialist agencies and every police force in the country. The failure has been disclosed by a Guardian investigation which also suggests that the scale of and nature of sex trafficking into the UK has been exaggerated by politicians and media.
    Nick Davis of the Guardian newspaper writes:
    Current and former ministers have claimed that thousands of women have been imported into the UK and forced to work as sex slaves, but most of these statements were either based on distortions of quoted sources or fabrications without any source at all.

    ===In India and Nepal===
    If media reports are to be believed, there would be no young girls left in Nepal. Oft-quoted figures such as 5,000-7,000 Nepali girls being trafficked across the border to India every year and 150,000-200,000 Nepali women and girls being trapped in brothels in various Indian cities, were first disseminated in 1986, and have remained unaltered over the next two decades. The report that first quoted these statistics was from the Indian Health Association, Mumbai, written by AIDS Society of India secretary general, Dr. I S Gilada, and presented in a workshop in 1986. Subsequently, a version of this report was published as an article in The Times of India on January 2, 1989. To date, the source of this figure remains a mystery. Unfortunately, such a lack of clarity is more the norm than the exception when it comes to reporting on trafficking in women and girls.

    == In the USA ==
    On August 5, 2008
    U.S. Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine uncovered discrepancies in a program dedicated to cracking down on human trafficking, McClatchy Newspapers report. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales spent millions of dollars on combating the international trafficking of indentured servants and sex slaves, including by creating task forces across the U.S. that identified and helped victims. Over four years, the department paid $50 million to the task forces and other groups. Conservative groups, who pressured the administration to go after sex trafficking more aggressively, applauded his efforts.
    Critics have questioned whether the problem was being hyped. Fine found in an audit issued that the task forces and other groups set up to help were 'significantly' overstating the number of victims they served. By examining a sampling of cases, Fine found the task forces had exaggerated by as much as 165 percent. Making matters worse, the inflated numbers were included in annual reports to Congress.

    Sex trafficking is illegal and the penalties are very severe. It is very difficult to force someone to be a sex slave, they would have to have 24 hour guards posted and be watched 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Have the threat of violence if they refused, and have no one notice and complain to the authorities or police. They would need to hide from the general public yet still manage to see customers from the general public and not have the customers turn the traffickers in to the police. They would need to provide them with medical care, food, shelter, and have all their basic needs met. They would need to have the sex slaves put on a fake front that they enjoyed what they were doing, act flirtatious and do their job well. They would have to deal with the authorities looking for the missing women, and hide any money they may make, since it comes from illegal activity. They must do all of this while constantly trying to prevent the sex slaves from escaping and reporting them to the police. They would need to prevent the general public from reporting them into the police.

    This is extremely difficult to do, which makes this activity rare. These criminals would be breaking dozens of major laws not just one. Kidnapping itself is a serious crime. There are many laws against sex trafficking, sex slavery, kidnapping, sex abuse, rape, sexual harassment etc. If someone is behind it, they will be breaking many serious laws, be in big trouble, and will go to jail for many long years. While there are some women who may be true victims. And it is possible for this to happen in rare situations. This is a small rare group of people and that the numbers and scale of this crime is exaggerated. The very nature of someone pulling off a kidnapping and forced sex for profit appears to be very difficult. Since it would be difficult this makes this crime rare. Not impossible, but extremely rare. And do you really think that millions of people are lining up to make a career out of being a illegal violent sex slave kidnapping pimp?

    There is a lot of controversy over the numbers of adult woman who are forced sex slaves. The real factual answer is that no one knows. There is hard evidence that the sex slavery/sex trafficking issue continues to report false information and is greatly exaggerated by politicians, the media, and aid groups, feminist and religious organizations that receive funds from the government, The estimate of adult women who become new sex slaves ranges anywhere from 40 million a year to 5,000 per year all of which appear to be much too high. They have no evidence to back up these numbers, and no one questions them about it. Their sources have no sources, and are made up numbers. In fact if some of these numbers are to believed which have either not changed or have been increased each year for the past twenty years, all woman on earth would currently be sex slaves. Yet, very few real forced against their will sex slaves have been found.

    According to the media hype There was supposed to be hundreds of thousands of under age child sex slaves kidnapped and forced to have sex with super bowl fans. At the Dallas Super Bowl 2011.



    Politicians, women's groups, police and child advocates were predicting that up to 100,000 hookers would be shipped into Dallas for the Super Bowl.

    It was all a big lie told by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, and various anti-prostitution groups: Traffick911, Not for Sale, Change.org, Polaris Project, and the Dallas Women’s Foundation, which are anti-prostitution groups that tell lies in order to get grant money from the government and charities to pay their high salaries, and get huge amounts of money into their organizations. As proved in the links below:

    Top FBI agent in Dallas (Robert Casey Jr.) sees no evidence of expected spike in child sex trafficking:

    “Among those preparations was an initiative to prevent an expected rise in sex trafficking and child prostitution surrounding the Super Bowl. But Robert Casey Jr., special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas office, said he saw no evidence that the increase would happen, nor that it did.
    “In my opinion, the Super Bowl does not create a spike in those crimes,” he said. “The discussion gets very vague and general. People mixed up child prostitution with the term human trafficking, which are different things, and then there is just plain old prostitution.”


    This myth of thousands or millions of underage sex slaves tries to make every sports fan a sex criminal. No matter what the sport is, or in what country it is in.

    Brian McCarthy isn't happy. He's a spokesman for the NFL. Every year he's forced to hear why his customers are adulterers and child molesters. Brian McCarthy says the sport/super bowl sex slave story is a urban legend, with no truth at all.

    These anti-prostitution groups lobby the government in a big way, getting Politicians to truly believe their lies.

    Adult Women are NOT children.
    Media coverage of trafficking and adult women's migration and sex work is confused and inaccurate. The media wrongly uses the terms 'sex work' and 'trafficking' and adult sex work and child sex trafficking synonymously, as if they were the same. perpetuating stereotypes and stigmatization, and contributing to the violation of women's right to free movement and livelihood options. They assume that if any woman moves from place to place for sex work that they are being trafficking. The media, politicians, aid groups, feminist, and religious organizations does not take into account that she may do this of her own free will. Too often women are treated like children. Prostitution is a business between adults and in our society adults are responsible for themselves. Sex slavery/trafficking on the other hand is non-consensual. To equate that the two are the same is to say grown adult women are not capable of being responsible or thinking for themselves.

    Adult women are not children.

    Most migrant women, including those in the sex industry, have made a clear decision, says a new study, to leave home and take their chances abroad. They are not "passive victims" in need of "saving" or sending back by western campaigners.


    March 21, 2011 at 4:37 am | Reply
    • KenX

      I did not see a single arrest of trafficking on that Super Bowl trafficking assertion. Not one.

      April 5, 2011 at 1:36 pm | Reply
      • bean bag

        I really enjoy the info you provided here. Are you pretty active on Twitter? I am really attempting to learn more on this issue. Tell me if I might be helpful to you. How many people could possibly believe in that sort of thing? I have been looking almost everywhere online for this information!


        December 26, 2018 at 4:29 pm |
    • staralfurious

      I do agree that this type of crime is indeed rare but happens. it happened to me and also to several other very very attractive models. they all died. if you gather names of these famous starlets, models, etc, the list would be pretty extensive.
      but since beautiful girls are rarity to begin with, the numbers are quite slim but it does happen daily, monthly and yearly. and I do agree with the statement that one victim is enough. meaning if there is one female victim, that is sufficient.
      and how are these men able to get away from these huge crimes is questionable to me as well. it goes to show you how messed up societies are.

      April 14, 2012 at 7:24 pm | Reply
      • Karlynn

        Ummm..excuse me sweetheart this happens to normal everyday people. not just gorgeous breath taking people, vanity is a sin remember that... and for everyone else....we are not God, we will never have all the answers (not that you should blame God, like most people try to do). Praying for all of the victims, goodness and love conquers all in the end <3

        May 2, 2013 at 2:58 pm |
  19. djama

    i really shocked to hear that slavery it still existing this modern day and i do appreciate those who have courage to khown us the reality i mean cnn reporters.This initiative is great and brave .i hate to see young kid and women explored .i am taking a stand to end the slavery and i belive the freedoom .

    March 22, 2011 at 12:57 am | Reply
  20. Mesfin Abraha

    CNN ,you guys are doing a remarkable job. Human traffiking have no border. Thats why, you guys are diging the realities of H.T beyond the borders. So,am proud to be part of this campaign. And also,i will gonna published the everyday facts of H.T in my Germany 's non profit foreigners magazine (Temeret). Lets fight this days inhuman activities of H.T.go...go...go...CNN

    March 23, 2011 at 9:40 am | Reply
  21. Heather B

    Thanks CNN. This is a serious, heart-breaking HUMAN travesty. Regardless, if the statistics are exaggerated. I do not if they are. Why are some bloggers putting so much effort to minimize this issue? This is a world-wide problem. No little girl wants to be a prostitute when she grows up! Whether they are willing or not, they need help. Many of them are addicted to drugs. Those forced into sex-slavery are often forced to perform perverted fantasies for John's; that willing prostitutes would not submit to. This is mostly controlled by organized crime!They can use human bodies over & over for profit! They pay off Law enforcement in other countries to turn a blind eye. I became first aware of this by watching, "Human Trafficking" on Lifetime in Oct. 2005. People in third world ctrys. sell there own children to traffickers. THIS NEEDS TO BE ENDED! I HOPE TO DO EVERTHING IN MY POWER TO BE A VOICE TO THE OPPRESSED & ABUSED! I PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE VICTEMS OF THIS HORROR TO BE RESCUED & SAVED! IN JESUS NAME!

    March 23, 2011 at 3:11 pm | Reply
    • ovcr1291

      Good job, that is precisely it!
      If I may add, it is the criminal intent, to get the victims to be addicted to drugs, this serves directly as a tool of control !

      March 31, 2011 at 5:06 am | Reply
    • KenX

      I put so much effort to minimize the efforts because I hate lies. I dont like political activism based on lies and over exaggerated numbers. Do you think the reasons we went to war in Iraq were the truth? Policy based on lies is a big problem for everyone.

      April 5, 2011 at 1:35 pm | Reply
  22. Heather B

    *I do not know if they are.

    March 23, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Reply
  23. Oseni olalekan noimu

    Actually, for one to commence on activity of this nature, such person must be a philantropist, a committed social worker, and a good type of human that thinks positively toward the better living standard of all. My contribution is that, the organizer should first try to know at least some hands that are directly involved because it is when those hands are desk that you can achieve a better outcome. And moreso there will be no one to sponsor. For no bad human beings wants his/her to blacklisted despite their bad and damaging character on the society. They shall not experience rest all through their life. Nice work men.....chao

    March 24, 2011 at 3:41 pm | Reply
  24. Pablito

    I read the article. Where has CNN been the past 20 years?

    Haven't read ANY of the posts.

    Yes, slavery is a problem. We know that.

    But, CNN is a NEWS organization, NOT a political action committee.

    CNN, a headline for you: : REPORT THE NEWS, do special reports, document the tragedy, but stay out of political activism, it makes you look stupid.

    March 24, 2011 at 3:54 pm | Reply
    • Cbd Extract

      I'm so happy I discovered this blog. I totally felt my brain expand when I browsed your website. You might have just saved me a ton of hassle just now. You are like the cookies to a glass of tasty almond milk. This article provided me some really useful stuff.


      December 17, 2018 at 3:27 am | Reply
  25. Jang

    i hope people all around the world are made aware of this project. we should all be aware how directly and/or directly we are contributing to the curtailment of freedom and rights of the 'modern slaves'.

    March 25, 2011 at 1:26 am | Reply
  26. Dr Debra L Clark

    Please, tell us the actual names of the companies/products that utilize slave labor. For example, should I boycott all coffee from Mexico or just certain brands.

    March 29, 2011 at 11:05 am | Reply
    • KenX

      They dont have the names. They dont really have any specificis except estimates that are double every year without basis.

      April 5, 2011 at 1:33 pm | Reply
    • Cbd Review

      Very nice website, exactly what I needed. Thank you a lot for sharing this. Thank you for helping to make my morning epic. I can tell this is probably an easy thing for most people. This is so valuable, an eye opener for sure!


      December 17, 2018 at 7:03 am | Reply
  27. joseph

    STRANGE ... there is not slavery in the Western Countries?

    STRANGE ... just blinds think it is like that. STRANGE ... there are not names of the companies that utilize slave labour ...

    STRANGE ... maybe because they are connected with (or they are from) the Western Countries? Think just about Coca-Cola (to name the most famous)!

    STRANGE ... it seems that all problems are in the "south" of the world (or from people coming from the "south" of the world). And who exploits the so called south???

    CNN is showing the usual WESTERN, and in particular AMERICAN RACISM!!!

    AMERICA ... born through genocide, grown through imperialist occupation and surviving through exploitation!!!

    March 29, 2011 at 12:49 pm | Reply
    • Josh

      Do you know the latitude and longitude of where you live so I can drop a JDAM on your pointed little head?

      April 7, 2011 at 3:18 pm | Reply
  28. gottabekidding

    Wow. Could you try harder to install paranoia? By the authors reasoning we are ALL slaves! Omg! If you have a job because you are FORCED to pay bills or end up homeless and starving that psychological and financial control of your life!!!! Holy shit! We've all b een trafficked!!!! HELP me help me!!! Get realistic you idiots.

    March 30, 2011 at 6:00 am | Reply
    • Bahadorzadeh Sylvia

      It sounds like you really need some help! Could I do something for you, anything, let me know! It must be awful to feel like this and be left alone!! Keep in touche!! I am here in Switzerland, trying to help wehere I can. Get your story heard across the globe, together we are strong, but alone, we represent nothing and have no power, against crime! And crime is happening all over the world right now! Thanks for telling me your dilemma, I am listening to you, because each case is important!
      Sylvia e-mail: ovcr1291@gmail.com

      March 31, 2011 at 4:06 am | Reply
    • KenX

      The sensationalism here is disgusting. I do not believe trafficking is as widespread as CNN claims. If so, where are the cases and the convictions? The record of arrests and convictions dont support these claims. All we have is estimates and hysterics here.

      April 5, 2011 at 1:32 pm | Reply
  29. Fagbemi Peter

    "Enough is Enough" CNN has prove τ̲̅ȍ the world that they are not just there speaking about this worm that is eating deep into our world; they have taken the bull by the horn with this laudable campaign and fight against trafficking. The 5 points are worth reflecting on because directly or indirectly we all engage in human trafficking. If there is anyway CNN can bring this awareness τ̲̅ȍ Nigeria, I am available τ̲̅ȍ help in sensitizing the people. Good job.

    March 30, 2011 at 11:46 am | Reply
  30. Concerned Traveller

    For those who say that slavery does not exist or who think its existence is being over exaggerated, I encourage you to go travel. Go to Thailand to Bangkok or the islands and see children (yes, children) as they try to solicit sex from tourists. Naturally, a 7 year old who draws sexual positions in the sand showing what she is capable is merely being “entrepreneurial” and is of sound mind and body. See the Westerners coming in with tennis bags full of candy, chocolate and lollipops to aid in their raping of children. Go to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cambodia, South Africa, the Philippines and see the same thing happening – in broad daylight. Not to mention in Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Greece and good ole' Las Vegas! Look at the jewelry around your neck and on your fingers, gold and stones mined, refined and crafted by children’s hands in Africa and South Asia as they are smaller and can handle the delicate stones easier. Your delicious chocolate farmed by cocoa farmers in West Africa and South America, not even compensated enough to have profit to provide for their families, only to harvest more cocoa beans. Your sneakers and soccer balls sewed by children, again, as their hands are smaller and they can manipulate the lacings better. Go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and see the construction sites loaded with men and boys also from South Asia who are bussed in to build beautiful, sparkling buildings, but are then bussed out at the end of the day to live in complete squalor way outside the city limits. And in the lovely United States where many homes, ethnic restaurants and nail salons are employing trafficked workers – forced to work extreme hours without ample (or any) compensation at all. Yes, many will argue that it is purely economics, children and adults deciding to work back-breaking/demeaning jobs to make money for their families or try to have a better life. But when the exploitation by the “Have” countries force the “Have Not” countries to supply products, natural resources and human resources at pitiful prices, the host country cannot help but use slaves to meet the bottom line of the country or corporation which is taking all of the products and resources. I know it’s difficult to care about things not happening in your own backyard, but it is indeed this “not my problem” attitude as to why the world is a messed up place.

    March 31, 2011 at 3:18 am | Reply
    • ovcr1291

      Thank you for your insights! We all need people like you!
      However, if everyone looks on the other side, it is only going to get worse, just like with other crimes, we have seen seen the effects, thinking of the borderline USA-Mexico, where it takes now an army to clean up! Do we want or need an army to stay amidst us to stop the spreading of said crimes?

      March 31, 2011 at 5:20 am | Reply
    • KenX

      You have never been to Bangkok or you would know better than to make such an assertion. My wife is Thai and I have visited there many times in the last 10 years. I have never seen a child offered for sex to tourists. NEVER. Marketing children for sex in Thailand is illegal and the Thai police do watch it. Do some traveling yourself and see it instead of repeating the lies you heard from others.

      April 5, 2011 at 1:29 pm | Reply
      • Concerned Traveller

        Dear Ken,
        I have indeed been to Bangkok numerous times as well as to many of the islands. I know the city quite well. Apparently you have never been to the Patpong District in Bangkok, just to take a well-publicised tourist attraction as an example, where out in the open there are young girls dancing on poles in open-front strip clubs in school girl uniforms or bikinis, as the “club promoters” hold business card showing prices for sexual services. Now I beg you to tell me that those girls are over 18, and even though Asian women look far younger than they actually are, they are no where near the legal age. And these are just the open-front clubs, I can only imagine what happens at the clubs on the 2nd floors that operate behind closed doors or curtains. The Thai police watch for children being marketed for sex? Now stop being naïve. There may be some in the police force who are trying to stop it, but the Thai government profits handsomely from sex tourism, they have since WWII when the sex industry in Thailand was built up to serve the American military. The police also “utilise” the services of prostitutes in Thailand, they tip-off brothel owners when there are upcoming raids to make sure they hide the younger ones and in general, the majority of the police force is corrupt. Now, I love the Land of Smiles undoubtedly, but I hate seeing the smiling faces of male Western tourists as I know why they are smiling. I'm sure your wife is a lovely woman, as most Thais are – but 1,000,000 friendly and good-natured Thais cannot erase what is happening every day in Thailand – the raping of young girls, boys and women.

        April 5, 2011 at 4:37 pm |
      • wine insiders

        This guy I used to know loves your blog. A excellent write up. Be sure the content is easy to read and understand. Might you write up more content about this topic? I am really impressed. Keep doing what you are doing.


        December 19, 2018 at 11:06 pm |
  31. Bahadorzadeh Sylvia

    I am about to loose everything I owe, to try to enforce a case of human trafficking in my country Switzerland, where no one, would believe, these crimes are happening and spread! But it looks like, we are up against a scale of organised crime, which will take a whole army to brake down. Even in my country, one finds himself alone, trying to stand up against these vicious criminal conducts, findings which show, even the police caught in the midst of the crimes, trying to coverup, or not proceed as asked for by the law, making it it impossible for a single citizen like myself to help!

    March 31, 2011 at 3:53 am | Reply
  32. 24Karat

    All of us are in someway enslaved within an dishonest/corrupt paper money system!
    IMO this is the root cause of many many evil practices...

    March 31, 2011 at 4:04 pm | Reply
  33. Jordy

    IT'S ABOUT TIME! If you're looking for a reputable non profit organization that has been fighting to stop child slavery, human trafficking and sexual exploitation for years, go to: http://rickymartinfoundation.org/

    I was offended when I heard words like "Comeback" when Ricky announced he had a new CD and Tour coming up after a 3 year absence from the spotlight, because he was working tirelessly on something much more important than entertaining! He uses his celebrity status, fame and wealth to help stop this abhorrent issue that many don't realize is third behind drug and arms smuggling and a billion dollar industry. Generating public awareness and raising money to save these children was his primary objective and most don't realize that when there is a catastrophic disaster, it's not the Red Cross that shows up on the scene first, it's human traffickers! There are many ways to get involved and there is a lot all of us can do. Go to the link above and find out how you can get involved and help.

    April 1, 2011 at 6:24 am | Reply
  34. Phil Cenedella

    For those doubting the magnitude of the problem – please simply view the videos on http://www.stopslavery2011.com

    April 5, 2011 at 12:25 am | Reply
    • KenX

      A sensationalistic website is hardly proof of the magnitude of the problem. Look at some other sources of information and some real data like what I posted below.

      April 5, 2011 at 1:25 pm | Reply
    • petrus wine

      Your neighborhood is way better because you are in it. I seriously appreciate individuals like you! This stuff is like vitamins for my brain. In my view, if all webmasters and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the web might be a lot more helpful than ever before. Your writing style reminds me of my neighbor back in Georgia. This information you are providing is magnificent.


      November 22, 2018 at 3:51 am | Reply
  35. KenX

    Funny how CNN tells you to "get the facts" and then they give you estimates. Here are some facts.

    In Nov. 2008, the Washington Post reported the State Dept's own data that they had found 1100 victims of trafficking in the US since the law was passed in 2000. In 2000, they estimate that 50,000 people were trafficking into the US annually. So that means they should have found something like 400,000 victims in 8 years. They were less than 1% accurate. Lately, they have quadroupled the estimates and are now saying 200,000 trafficked into the US. So I guess when they are grossly wrong, they increase the disparity between the estimates and the real numbers....while ignoring the real numbers.

    There is no way these wild numbers are accurate. We would see many more case investigations, arrests, charges, convictions. We just dont see the caes load. Traffickers cannot hide this many people. Kansas City called themselves a "trafficking hub" in the KC Star newspaper for awhile. There have not been any cases of such in that district in years. Only two case of significance in 10 years. In one case, they gave the guy 2 months time served for trafficking hundreds of poeple into the area for low paying jobs. So why go easy if this is such a problem? But they gave a massage parlor operator 8 years for one case of trafficking a consenting adult woman in for prostitution. KC Star finally gave up the campgian and removed the campaign from thier website because it had no basis in fact.

    Here is another fact. The defintion of trafficking under federal law is very broad and does NOT require the elements of force or restraint to meet the defintion. Therefore, all trafficking is NOT slavery. This is a flaw in the law that was not an accident. The law was intended to send FBI agents out to chase prostitutes.

    April 5, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Reply
    • Phil Cenedella

      Hey KenX –
      Is ignorance really bliss?

      Which of the 6 videos did you watch?

      And what is your definition of sensationalistic?

      As for your use of stats..............
      try this:

      One victim,is too many.

      – Phil Cenedella

      – I welcome to put your name and number on your next comments

      April 5, 2011 at 1:42 pm | Reply
      • volunteer Belize

        This often motivates us to take steps that will create happy chemicals in our brains. When I read your article I become smarter. Would you suggest using this within a school setting? It is really amazing you do not have more followers. You are my savior!


        December 17, 2018 at 5:47 am |
  36. KenX

    I did put my name on the comment. You have actually disputed nothing I said. You have only assaulted me personally for disagreeing. Your a heck of guy. Glad we all know who are really are. Do you work in the US State Dept human trafficking program. For that matter, how many of the advocates on this board are somehow employed in the capacity of anti-human trafficking.

    You know what Upton Sinclair said? "It is impossible to get someone to understand something when thier job depends upon NOT understanding it"

    One victim too many is true, but that does not excuse wild over exaggerations of the numbers.

    April 5, 2011 at 2:02 pm | Reply
    • Phil Cenedella

      Thanks for ageeing.

      I am not self-employed and have done this job for four years at no pay.

      How are you helping to stop human trafficking KenX?

      April 5, 2011 at 2:10 pm | Reply
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  37. baberdoo

    I am a Peace Corps volunteer and one of my personal missions in life is to eradicate human trafficking and to work on human rights in general. Imagine my surprise when I asked my communityin Ukraine if I could do a project about human trafficking and their response was that HT does not exist in their country! This pused me even more and I am working on a month long seminar to prove that HT is EVERYWHERE whether you want to believ it or not. I am greatly encouraged by the media attention given to this horrible topic. It gives me hope.

    April 6, 2011 at 8:46 am | Reply
    • Concerned Traveller

      I wish you luck with trying to eradicate human trafficking. But unfortunately, in your organisation, there are plenty of instances of Peace Corps volunteers doing exactly what you are trying to stop. I remember being on a boat from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi and there were two middle-aged American Peace Corps men who were gloating about their sexual conquests the night before with Thai prostitutes. They saw me glaring at them and then they tried to strike up a normal conversation telling me about their work with the Peace Corps as if they hadn’t said anything contradictory beforehand. Also, there is a website called The World Sex Guide which shows men where to get and buy sex all over the world and if anyone was looking to buy sex in Ulaanbaatar they should go seek out the Peace Corp guys, as they were “total sex freaks.” So again, I wish you luck, but I’m not overly convinced that the organisation you are working for is completely pure in its endeavours. It's like the UN Peace Keepers in Africa who are found guilty of raping the very women they are sent there to protect.

      April 11, 2011 at 1:16 am | Reply
  38. Edegbe Anthony Omoregi

    I respect and appluad your stand to end slave labour. But don't you think if we should try and advocate for a not too difficult assess to workpermit in foriegn countries, even if they pay less to foriegners, will drastically reduce this scourge and some dignity can then been seen in our work place, thank you.

    April 21, 2011 at 11:37 am | Reply
  39. FreqeC

    Anybody who doesn't believe this is going on needs to see the world. When I was stationed in S. Korea, They had this area off post that was chock full of "juicy" girls, and clubs. These girls would dance mostly,most of them were low paid strippers, some were just barmaids. This was before we really were informed on the whole "human trafficking" thing. Even then you could sense things were not right. Talking to these girls you found out that like five of them would share a bed, ten or more of them could be in the same little house, that had walls and big gates to include security. One of the girls I befriended, never had any sex or anything with her, but she was fun to talk to. One day she was just gone. SHe called me one night crying and saying she was being moved to another location and couldn't tell me where, but that it would hopefully pay off her "contract." Looking back, I always wish I could have done something about it, but the one time I did report it, I was basically told, "they allow it in this country, we can't do anything about it." I would like to go back to S. Korea and see if this is still something that goes on and report it again, especially with so many more agencies involved.

    THe girls there were Russian, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, and even some from S. America.

    June 2, 2011 at 11:49 am | Reply

    I am the Officer in Charge of the Human Trafficking/Prostitution Section, on Sept. 15, 2011, 7-9pm, Deaton Auditorium, we are hosting a free public screening, FLESH, a compelling documentary about domestic human trafficking. I am extending a personal invitation to CNN to participate or attend the screening. To your bloggers and those who think human trafficking is not a local problem, this will be an excellent opportunity to educate the community and increase the awareness about this multi billion dollar criminal enterprise. There will be a panel discussion after the showing and one of the human trafficking survivors profiled in the documentary will be in attendance.

    June 25, 2011 at 10:44 pm | Reply

    Fine, here we are talking about the human trafficking for sex, the sex trade has gone on since the beginning of time and it will never end , legalize it, tax it, administrate it, clean it up.
    But what about the rest of the slave industry, here in Brazil most of the slaves are being held by the rich land owners and therefore the politicians, made to work to pay off loans at ridiculously high interest rates ( which they will never pay off) why don't you embarress them worldwide, sorry i forgot they've probaly got you in their pockets too, or its not as shocking a story, an ordinary man working all the hours a day for nothing or a young girl who ran away from home and got into the sex trade. no story really.
    Why don't you show all the facts?

    June 28, 2011 at 10:28 am | Reply
  42. moyra blackie

    I live on a small Island Cyprus in the Mediteranean,human traficking is a problem here,and nothing seems to be done about it.
    Empoyers are rarely charged.It needs to be highlighted,and maybe then they will do something about the ill treatment.

    July 9, 2011 at 6:30 am | Reply
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    Is there a military operation in place to combat Human Trafficking? There are many things people can do to combat HT, yet the UN itself is not immune to this travesty of justice. Is there an Elliot Ness style operation or military unit?

    November 16, 2013 at 5:19 pm | Reply
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