iReporters take a stand to end slavery
Courtney Dickins (bottom row, middle) of Los Angeles, California, poses with her coworkers. "I hope that we can help get ... the voice we need to stand against slavery," she said. "It breaks my heart."
March 10th, 2011
12:12 PM ET

iReporters take a stand to end slavery

Over the next several months, the CNN Freedom Project will shine a spotlight on the horrors of human trafficking, highlight some of the success stories and share ways that everyone can make a difference.

CNN iReport and GOOD are partnering on a series of creative challenges that you can do to raise awareness about this crisis. For the first assignment, we’ve invited people to share a photo of yourself holding a sign that says “I’m taking a stand to end slavery” or a video with the same message.

It may seem small, but it’s a first step to gather what we hope will be a huge group of people around the world, all committed to spreading the word about an issue of which most of the public is unaware. Together, we hope to make a big difference in future Freedom Project challenges.

So far, iReporters in nearly 20 countries have taken the pledge. As Salome Van Leuven of Farnham, England, eloquently put it, the problem “will not be resolved if no one is aware of it.” She added, “a good campaign will make people start talking.”

How about you? Will you take a stand to end slavery? Take the pledge so you can take part in future Freedom Project challenges.

March 10th, 2011
11:49 AM ET

India official: It's not slavery

After her reports on modern-day slavery in India, CNN's Sara Sidner sat down with India's Labor Secretary Prabhat C. Chaturvedi. She showed him her first report, about generations paying off debt through slavery, to let him respond.

According to Sidner, the official was not surprised. He admitted that the problem of bonded labor existed in India but bristled at the word "slavery."

Below is an excerpt (and watch a longer response in the video above): FULL POST

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