What's your slavery footprint?
July 8th, 2014
12:23 PM ET

What's your slavery footprint?

By Allyssia Alleyne

How many slaves work for you? If you’ve answered “zero,” you’re probably way off. At least that’s the premise behind Slavery Footprint, an online survey developed by the U.S. State Department and anti-slavery organization Made in a Free World.

The web interactive invites users to insert information about their consumer habits and lifestyle choices - this covers everything from what sports you play to what products line your medicine cabinet - and then determines approximately how many forced laborers they rely on.

The results are startling. It turns out that if you’ve ever eaten, worn, or used pretty much anything, you’ve likely been complicit in some form of slavery. In fact, Made in a Free World estimates that there are some 29 million slaves in the world today.

But the project’s goal is education, not blame. After completing the survey, you’re encouraged to be more thoughtful about where your products come from, and send pre-written emails to companies asking what they’re doing to address forced labor in their supply chains.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think: http://www.slaveryfootprint.org

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    For everyone who takes the US and being a US citizen for granted need to wake the F up. For people who would defend countries like Russia (Snowden) or N. Korea (Rodman), need to wake the F up. Its ridiculous to me these people, you throw some loose change their way and their willing to defend these countries like there the answer to the worlds salvation. There is no such thing as a perfect world and anyone who thinks there is all delusional. Not because one mans sense of what a perfect world isn't attainable but because it's just that, one persons idea of it. One personal idea of a perfect world is probably completely different then another's. What do you think Kim Jung Un's perfect world is? One where people have freedoms? Liberties? Justice? If you answered it is, the. You must either be corrupt, bribed, on his payroll or just dumb. This is a good article and good thing for people to consider. There is still slavery and forced labor around the world. And US citizens in their sheltered existence must come to realize, just because people "appear" to be lookin out for you, it doesn't necessarily mean they are. People like Rodman made me sick. Going to N. Korea, and just because he got paid and given the red carpet treatment, he somehow believes Kim Jung Un is this super nice guy. Seriously?

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    It`s an essential problem in our homeland

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